Update: The outfits are gone. This was only a glitch. They did not purposely release most of the new outfits.

Recently, PotCO has released 9 outfits at once onto Live! 5 of these are new outfits, the other four being repeats. The new outfits are:

BarbaryCorsair ChinaSeasWarrior ScourgeOfTheSeas BountyHunters SeaSerpent
Barbary Corsair China Seas Warrior Scourge of the Seas Bounty Hunter Sea Serpent

The repeats are:

Admiral outfit MayPeddler2011 French Fencer PeddlerSetSept PeddlerSet11
Admiral Spanish Conquistador French Fencer Capt. Black Raven's Cove Mercenary

The September outfit, Capt. Black, is also still there, making a total of 10 outfits! They probably won't last, so get in quick for this great deal!

Note: All outfits except Raven's Cove Mercenary are not on the Test Server.

POTCO Glitch on new peddelers clothes 10 1 201202:11

POTCO Glitch on new peddelers clothes 10 1 2012

The clothes

(Thanks to Marc Cannonshot for this video.)

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