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Admin Messageboard Nomination

This blog is a nomination on the Admin Messageboard. An editor has been nominated for a promotion. All constructive comments are welcome.
Admins and Bureaucrats, please vote!

Please read the guidelines if you aren't familiar with them.
Grenade determination

The following users have been nominated for rollback status:

Please note that rollback is a minor position. Users with the power will not be able to issue bans or kicks to anyone, merely have one extra button that allows them to revert spam and vandalism easily.

Unlike Chat Moderators or Admins, Rollbacks won't have their position revoked after 1 ban.
If a Rollback gets banned more than two times, their status will be revoked, however.
Nominees can vote for nominees other than themselves.

Voting Starts: June 30, 2013

Voting Ends: July 2, 2013

Anyone can vote using the {{Support}} and {{Oppose}} codes in the comments.
If the majority of admins vote in favor, the nominee(s) will receive the promotion.
Please note: Using multiple accounts for voting fraud WILL be detected.
All additional accounts will be infinitely banned if detected,
and the main account will be banned for 6 months.

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