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Admin Messageboard Nomination

This blog is a nomination on the Admin Messageboard. An editor has been nominated for a promotion. All constructive comments are welcome.
Admins and Bureaucrats, please vote!

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Grenade determination

I, Thomas Macwrecker (sysop), nominate JustThatKat for promotion to chat moderator status.

JustThatKat has made 732 revisions since April 16, 2013.


  • Fixes various typos and grammatical error on pages.
  • Edits regularly.
  • Already displays community management skills
  • Categorized images added to the wiki by other users.
  • Created custom images requested by users.
  • Created pages for Jewelry such as Golden Ear Small Loop and Silver Turquoise Ring
  • Has experience in "Administration" as a Mod/Admin on

Starts: June 16, 2013

Ends: June 19, 2013

Anyone can vote using the {{Support}} and {{Oppose}} codes in the comments.
If the majority of admins vote in favor, the nominee(s) will receive the promotion.
Also, when voting,
please be sure to provide a reason for your vote, whether support or oppose.
Please note: Using multiple accounts for voting fraud WILL be detected.
All additional accounts will be infinitely banned if detected,
and the main account will be banned for 6 months.

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