You may have heard of Richard Treasureswines dissapearence for the last past months well yes he dissapeared but no hes not in Heaven yet. He was travelling around in Prussia and was sunk on his ship by a military ship there. He was picked up by the British navy and resent to the caribbean.

Richard was known for taking control of half of Prussia and naming it Germany. He was sentenced to hang. Escaped.

Hes also known for turning a rebel guild against its own side and joining it with the EITC. The Red Resisitance.

Rich was sentenced for hanging but escaped.

And now Richard is an EITC soldier. A lieutenant infantry soldier in the British army. The EITC division.

Dissapearance from the Caribbean:

He was in Cuba and dissapeared. He was never seen again. People assumed he was gone. Until he appeared back in Port Royal months later.

How it hapened:

He went off to do some work out in Prussia with Samuel Firehawk. They were sunk by a Prussian military ship.

Samuel returned months before Richard but months later Richard came back. Captured by the Redcoats he returned back to the Caribbean and became leader of Finland. He lost knowledge of fighting but reganed it back.

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