This is the third story from the thrilling series wrote by Dog Hullbones.

I was searching for more gold and treasure when I came across a navy man. I thought it was suspicious that I saw a navy in the town of port royal. So I struck him with a dagger by throwing it. He was killed instantly. I went up closer too collect some gold and treasure. I saw a speacial badge he had. It said 'NAVY PATROL. I was supicious so I stole his badge and outfit and put them on. Then I found a list and the things on it were all checked off. The thing I needed to do was go to Sergent Bingham and collect my easy ' gold. I got a good paycheck. The next day I went back for my new duties. I was assigned with two others. Chris and Henry. So the first thing to do was too help stop this group of bandits. I killed them and captured their leader. Next I went into Wicked Thicket and killed several alligators, bats, wasps, and scorpions. Chris and Henry did a good job too. Next: repair navy ships. I repaired them and got extra gold because Darby Drydock was supposed to repair some of them. Then I had to kill skeletons in murky hollow, the govenors garden, and kings run. Chris and Henry were great at this job but I did better since I had more expierence with this. Then the last one was different for each of us. I had to fight a pirate named Blackjack. I realized he was my friend. Then I realized I was almost part of the navy. I was consumed by gold and treasure. I went to Bingham and said I killed Blackjack. He gave me a paycheck of a lot of money. The next day I killed Henry and Chris. Then stole their money. For revenge I got Blackjack and some other friends to help raid Fort Charles. We stole all the money they took for taxes. that day I knew I had an important role to play. As a pirate of the carribean.

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