Here is the first part of the thrilling stories made by dog hullbones.

As a pirate I've witnessed many things. I was weaker and had less experience with being a pirate but I remember everything. That devil jolly roger had an island called UNDEAD ISLAND. The bravest, toughest, and even craziest pirates cam to stop the madness of this island. Thousand, even millions of undead breaded here. The marceline guild, the crew of the black pearl, and many others came. First we met up with two thousand ghost ships. We had three thousand. The Harkaway was there and with it Jolly rogers horrible laugh that was worse than a dagger against glass. One thousand ships of ours were sunk but jolly landed and fled into a cave. So we fought for our lives and the lives of others. We slaughtered them but the screams of pain from every victim hurt me the most. We won on the beach but the caves were next. Jolly went out of the caves when we went in one. We won the caves but anyone who ran out of the cave first was struck by the muretos moon. Others had too fight the ones who were struck. When a cursed pirate was defeated they would turn back to normal. The island was free of undead but Jolly got away. When I went to congragulate my best friend he looked at me. He was as pale as a ghost. He lifted up his shirt and he was blood red all over. He was unable to speak. He nodded to my pistol and I knew what he wanted. I aimed at his head and BANG! That was the last I saw of him.

Dog Hullbones

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