Here is the second part of the thrilling stories wrote and relived by dog hullbones.

I was sailing on me ship the Blade Warrior sinking some ghost ships when my first mate Twain spotted a big piece of land. I landed and I spent days on the island trying to drive off the EITC and undead. I learned much history about the island. Here it is:

In Europe, each country tried to be more powerful then the other. So a group of rich enlishmen, frenchmen, spanairds, and germans came together and sailed to the carribean as one nation. They landed on a massive island. The island natives helped them out. They built weapons, ships, buildings, etc. Then the european countries found out of this new island and landed soldiers on it. The soldiers fought each other in the island jungles and the beach area. The first reason of being mysterious is that not only the natives fought for there land but the citizens did. Whats more strange is that the citizens fought there own countries. It was also myterious is that the soldiers suddenly had a curse on them making them live equal. They even welcomed pirates. Then years later the EITC raided the island and escaped into the jungle. Then Jolly Roger came and sent his men into the jungle. The soldiers still try too fight them off. As for the natives I fear the worst. There's always a mystery on the island. Jewls, resourses, even journals have been found. As well as music you never heard before. Little is known how those things got on the island but, that's what happens on isla mysterious.

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