• Vinhn2

    New Valentine Quest

    February 12, 2011 by Vinhn2

    There is this new valentine quest on potco ( Pirate Of The Caribbean Online ) ! When u finished it u get this rare valentine shirt and u get to the the whole valentine outfit at the peddler's ( there everywhere on a island ) . The amount of money to buy each one is 1,500 ( 1.5k ) . There's a shoe,pants,shirt ( for free if u did the quest ),and the hat . The color is red & black . I heard from the Marceline guild that those clothes r the reason why the caribbean and server glitch and thats why when u try to take the loot it says u cant take it and u have to try it again and thats the reason why MOST people when they log in there lvl 0 ( zero ) and to solve the problem u have to log out and back in . The GM is fixinq it if it works ill fixe…

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