aka bill engvall

  • I live in too personal
  • My occupation is playing pirates online
  • I am male
  • Walker2000

    Barbossa's Favor

    October 30, 2011 by Walker2000

    this is a quest i maid up that gives a result of cursed guns and 2000 notority points. this quest is to help barboss out and help him make a special potion to not be cursed when full moons are out.

    1. go to barbossa
    2. go talk to cylpso on cuba
    3. kill 5 undead raiders and kill General darkhart
    4. go back to cylpso
    5. now go fight General Bloodless and 5 undead brutes
    6. go back to cylpso
    7. go to the Theifs den and get a paper from the Eitc Outpost
    8. Deliver the Paper to cylpso
    9. Take The First part of the potion to Barbossa

    1. Go sink 5 Navy War class ship's for there Sails
    2. Deleiver the sails to cylpso
    3. Go Capture General Richard of a Navy Man O' War
    4. Drop him off at any Wild Island
    5. Go Back To Cylpso to tell her the news
    6. Go get 20 stingers of Wasp on driftwood and 5 crab claws
    7. Bring…

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  • Walker2000

    Wanted Posters

    October 30, 2011 by Walker2000

    post any wanted posters on this blog

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  • Walker2000


    September 12, 2011 by Walker2000

    does this screen look like the guy is going to kill me

    1. yes

    2. no

    3. maybe

    resond in reply whitch 1

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  • Walker2000

    Favorite Weapon

    August 27, 2011 by Walker2000
    1. world eater
    2. gorilla blunderbuss
    3. el patron lost cutlass

    Write whitch 1 in comment

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  • Walker2000


    August 13, 2011 by Walker2000

    who wants loot cloths famed or legendary.

    if you do respond yes to the blog post

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