• I live in New York City
  • I am Male
  • Warhawk1

    Hello, I am James Warhawk, former admin in the POTCO Players Wiki. Now, recently I was blocked for a year because I wrote rude things to fellow editors of the wiki. Not only that, but I made an army called the Covenant Empire, and threatened to kill all pirate guilds and the British Parliament. Now, I can explain everything for this. I made up my, "covenant empire", as well as threatening the fellow editors in a ploy to make my good friend Jack Swordmenace seen as a hero for ending my reign of terror once and for all. We set it up so that I became an evil villain such as Captain Leon, one that only Jack could stop, showing other members of Parliament to vote for him as leader. I took my job way too far, and caused hurt and pain to fellow e…

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