Several players have asked me about my picture with the three GMs, so I decided to post a blog on the official story behind that photo. It was the final race for the Feats of Strength 2013 Competition, so I went to Devil's Anvil so I could watch the racers compete.  Once I got there the only pirate on the beach was GM Ben Bowman. We waited several minutes to see if any competors would show up late, but they didn't.  So, Ben Bowman made me an offer, "We can see how fast ye do it?" he said.  I quickly accepted the offer and Ben game me the first clue to the second leg of the race. After I went to John Moses, (I can't remember his location) he then

Screenshot 2013-06-06 17-35-52

Will Goldskull prepares to start the race.

led me back to Devil's Anvil and inside Barbossa's Grotto, where I saw Captain Xavier Hench, he congratulated me on my success and asked me which reward I would like, I told him the materials, since my gold wasn't maxed but very close. But Captain Hench changed his mind and gave me all three rewards, making me a racer who got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the same race. Minutes after Ben Bowman ran inside asking if he won, Captain Hench informed him that he was beaten by Will Goldskull. Several minutes later John Moses appeared and the four pirates visited for over half an hour, then decided it was time to part ways. 
Screenshot 2013-06-06 17-46-08

Ben Bowman arrives a little late to the finish line.


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