I had the weirdest dream today. The treasure fleets were out and I decided to sink them on my war frigate with a crew of 4 people including myself. The gunners I had were the people I call on when I need to raid the SvS grounds. I picked the server caicos because it is usually quiet and I wanted the fleets to be a challenge.

Well, we soon enocuntered the fleets and my crew sunk to Elite ships using my tactics of open fire and max rank explosives. The rest of the scene was a series of hit and run attacks. After a while, the only thing left was the Boss ship of the fleet and my ship with all broken hulls. After some tough repairs, we attacked the ship and sunk it, basically sinking the entire fleet using 1 ship and a crew of 4. Thats when it happened......

A voice that sounded like Jolly Roger said "Very nice job lads, you sunk an entire Navy Fleet using 1 ship. Basically, you did my work for me. So, I offer you a reward which last be your last.." The whole crew received a Shadow Cannon Ram, which was a legendary cannon ram. It had unlimited fury and explosives as well extra range to the explosive ammo set at rank 3 and a +5 boost to round for broadsides. The only way to obtain that ram is to sink a treasure fleet using 1 ship with a crew of 4 people.

How's that for a good night's sleep. If only the game designers of POTCO would come up with something like that.

Will Swordstealer 12:15, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

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