As some of you may have heard, a very important pirate has left us. His name was Bill Ironskull. He was a founder and has played the game from Beta 1. During this time, he has practiced and perfected his amazing gunning in svs. Bill was widely know for his fast fury gunning and vast knowlage about privateering. He has taught hundreds of pirates, including me, countless svs tactics, tips, and much more. People could always count on Bill to help and offer a helping hand. It was nearly impossible to sink a ship where he is found gunning. Sadly, a few days ago, Bill died of cancer. His death both plain shock and depression over lots of us. We had a dedication to him the French Island (Pictures on Capt Shruikan's Blog). Many pirates now have switched their ship name to Dark Eagle, which was the name of the ships Bill owned. This was a major blow to the Caribbean Eagles Guild, which was the guild led by Bill. May he rest in peace upon the Heavens and know that he will never be forgotten.

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