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Hello, and  welcome to this Wikia's homepage for my Interviews! In this Blog you will find Videos of people you may know, or not know from the Game, and or wikia. In these videos, they would be interviewed by me and asked a series of questions regarding to the Game itself, or the wikia. They'll be giving they're own opinions and you are asked to remain from any kind of hatred comments to whatever they may be, but then again lets try and look on the brighter side of this subject. In these videos you will hear them give their own Opinions, Descriptions, etc  about the Game and or wiki with their own voice. So if you'be ever wondered what they think, or sound like this is the page for you! Sorry if i sound so serious, XD but if you also would like to be in an interview Leave a comment or contact me! all these videos will be published on youtube so you can watch them over and over again. But enough of this, lets go meet these people! Allonz y! ( Sorry, that was a Doctor Who Refrence XD ) 


Interviewing Jason Blademorgan12:52

Interviewing Jason Blademorgan

Jason Blademorgan is a Online Role Player in the Game Pirates of the Carribean Online. He Role Plays as an EITC ( East India Trading Company ) Lord, and tells his story.

More Coming Soon! If you'd like to be in one Leave a Comment or Contact me!

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