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  • I live in Williamston, North Carolina
  • I was born on February 2
  • I am Male
  • William Treasurecatcher

    This blog is under way but not done these are some bosses I found in my journey.

    1. General Bloodless

    He ranges from level 9-14 so it's a easy target for some lower level people. He is the Weakest out of all the General. He is the Undead Brigand boss and is found in Murky Hollow. He has other Undead Brigands around him and they may attack. He is one of the generals you have to beat for the Taboo Doll Upgrade Quest.

    2. Samuel

    Samuel is a EITC grunt boss. His Levels Range from levels 13-19. He can be found at Becketts Quarry in a round-about area with Grunts and Dragoons around him. He is a target to get some easy experience but to some lower levels he can put up a fight.

    3. Neban The Silent

    Neban the Silent is a very hard boss to take on alone. H…

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  • William Treasurecatcher

    Hey Everyone this is my first blog... lol Im happy to say im now a part of the wiki and pirates online! I'm not new to pirates lol but to the wiki i am if you have any advise i'd love to hear it!

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