Willprowgrin hello i was lvl 48 on my pirate i got thunderspine over the thrallroom u will see a lvl 47 dude carrying a sword or something else. If u need help on Cannon Defense Talk To me I know very good people ill tell u: Leoncannonmonk,Oldrex,EdgarCannonwalker,Willprowgrin. willprowgrin is me i love aiming at ships i got to lvl 69 last time me on willprowgrin with some Friends. for my bright clotes I got well Ill Screen it :P.

The Friends i like the most 1 Edgarcannonwalker he is good at svs,Willswordstealer good at svs, Silky,all the new people on SvS im moving on but Hey I Love potco Well yea Thank you And i made a new pirate called stormshot and yea this is awesome and Bill ironskull sorry R.I.P ill miss him he was a icon on svs for me or us he was a good pirate truely Guess Wat i Just got bright orange sack vest woot!!!.


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