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    This is a Daily Alpha Update. Developers release them every day and this is the one for 18/02/2014 or 02/18/2014 depending on the location.

    This is it, pirates. I am excited to announce something. Get out the popcorn and drinks, and get ready to hear this! As happy it makes to say it... we are now taking a break from walking and start jumping!

    Aye, we can now jump by pressing the Space bar, instead of just walking! Whew, that was a fine announcement, wasn't it? But wait, there's more! The Valentine's Day texture on the pirate has returned for the fun of jumping. I am not surprised by that, but you will be in that good ol' texture for 3 days. 3 days? That's because it won't be here tomorrow.

    Although, what can I say? One of my favorite activities…

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    Daily Alpha Update: CURSE!

    February 9, 2014 by X Jumper

    This is a Daily Alpha Update. Developers release them every day, and this is the one for 09/02/2014 or 02/09/2014 depending on the location.

    Everyone. I don't have much to talk about - our daily update could of been off, but good thing it didn't. Jolly Roger is up to his jolly tricks once again.

    I am not really sure what Jolly is up to this time, but I have a feeling it's a bit of a curse. Not only that, the sky is suddenly turning dark and gray, much like it's Halloween, but didn't Halloween already passed 5 months ago. Let's not panic.

    The sky has officially become dark and gray, perhaps the sky has been cursed. However, a lot of pirates said this curse is that kind of dance move - something no pirate has had in a very long time, not even be…

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    Ahoy, mates! So I have been getting a lot of replies from pirates about the tutorial, where you end up in jail with Jack Sparrow and he helps you get started on creating your pirate. And I am guessing those pirates are talking about a island of rambleshack? Rambleshack, the tutorial island. 

    You see, I wasn't packing the jail and making sure the doors are perfectly locked, but not to trap pirates, they need to escape. The doors in the jail on Rambleshack might need some few more repairs. That isn't mmy job, though. I think Gleamings is the only construction worker here and that means, a handy-dandy construction worker is needed. Of course the game is not in the Beta stage, it's in the stage where there's development. Who knew?

    Anyways, I or …

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    Hey again, mates! Let's go short today and release the update of the Cannons. Yes, it's the Fort Dundee Cannon Defense update.

    Downloads: Sorry mates, but Wikia has blocked these type of links because some of these type of links give viruses. However, our links to download updates should not give you a virus. I cannot provide the download links on this blog. Also no downloads for today's update, sorry!


    • None detected

    Newly Added:

    • Fort Dundee Cannon Defense
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    Ahoy pirates! Man, are you seriously excited for another savvy-nis Savvy Saturday? Because I am! And I would like to start now. But before I do that, it appears there are a bugs around here trying to attack our update, so I gotta get rid of them. I'll be right back!

    (5 minutes later...)

    AHH! EEK! Get away! Don't make me have to chop you bugs in half with my Thunderspine Sword! *chops* Ah, finally they are gone. I tell ya mates, bugs always want to ruin an awesome update like Savvy Saturday. They create game errors/glitches in the game. Good thing the team are here to fix them! Now lets get onto our update?

    SAVVY-NIS!!! We be walking on Raven's Cove!

    Downloads: Sorry mates, but Wikia has blocked these type of links because some of these type of lin…

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