This is a Daily Alpha Update. Developers release them every day, and this is the one for 12/5/2013.

EDIT: Yes I know this is late. When I uploaded this blog on the Pirates of Legend Wiki, I forgot to do it here.

Ahoy there! As you may know me, I am X Jumper, the head developer (or should I say the mighty & fine pirate) of Pirates Online Rewritten.

Today I am here to announce our delayed update. Update is delayed because it seems like we have walk the plank. Yes, it appears that TheGleamings (who has been doing the Daily Alpha Updates and Savvy Saturday Updates) has (let me say that phrase again) walk the plank because he lost Internet Connections and was unable to release the update. And that is why I am here. 

Now to talk about the update: Actually, I already said it. Walk the plank meaning this update is kind of cancelled. Sorry, mates! This is just to tell you about TheGleamings' delay. Hopefully, he will arrive back on shore for tomorrow's update. If not, that is not good! Us pirates should be victorious, not scoundrels like Jolly Roger, an evil villain of the Undead who wants to defeat our Captain Jack Sparrow. Well, I don't think the developers of Pirates Online Rewritten would let that happen. ;) 

Anyway yes, today's update is nothing but a piece of barnacle. If you tell me about it, I am sure TheGleamings has something piratey planned up his sleeves for tomorrow. Even better when it comes to Savvy Saturday. This is your chance to keep a witty eye for TheGleamings' with that precious update. 

Now let me go back on my Ship and do whatever I need to do. I have had enough talking with you scallywags and besides, them rum over there is waiting for my arrival, so I pretty much have to leave. If you need me, sound that spyglass - er I mean, horn! Sorry, I mess up a little bit when I have to talk to scallywags. 

Fair winds to you!

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