Ahoy, mates! So I have been getting a lot of replies from pirates about the tutorial, where you end up in jail with Jack Sparrow and he helps you get started on creating your pirate. And I am guessing those pirates are talking about a island of rambleshack? Rambleshack, the tutorial island. 

Panda 053

You see, I wasn't packing the jail and making sure the doors are perfectly locked, but not to trap pirates, they need to escape. The doors in the jail on Rambleshack might need some few more repairs. That isn't mmy job, though. I think Gleamings is the only construction worker here and that means, a handy-dandy construction worker is needed. Of course the game is not in the Beta stage, it's in the stage where there's development. Who knew?

Anyways, I or Gleamings, thought this would be a good time to implement Rambleshack into what we like to call it: Development Process. Then after that, it will be the good time to patch those dirty bugs. Lets hope Jolly Roger is not one of those bugs, savvy?

Downloads: Sorry mates, but Wikia has blocked these type of links because some of these type of links give viruses. However, our links to download updates should not give you a virus. I cannot provide the download links on this blog.


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Newly Added:

  • Rambleshack

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