Oh, I get it! Oh! Okay. I'll get on to it.

Panda 030

Ahoy mates! It's another update on a Sunday. So awesome. Boy, these updates do get tiring, but a savvy pirate never gives up, nor gives up on Pirates Online Rewritten! We got to at least, release our final. 

And by final, I have a story to tell you mates. It was an interesting thought and journey.

Earlier today, Gleamings and I were bored, which took our minds off on what update to release for today. Since we did not know what we should do, we decided to take a walk, or what many pirates would call it, a savvy nature walk. I don't even know, a lot of pirates just call everything "savvy", but a savvy nature walk sounds good.

As we walked, we were thinking of what update to release. Geez, nothing came out of our heads. We had to think harder. I was poof, I didn't know. However, then Gleamings had an idea, that I should release The Final Land of the "Is". I didn't know what in the bloody jolly is a final land of the "is". He told me, "it's a surprise, you'll see ;)". So whatsoever, I was going to just release the update and here it is now.

You know when writing blogs or updates like this, you're just going to want to think - anyhow, that happened to me. I had no idea what the final land of the "is" is. I wanted to know so bad. Apparently, I thought about it and now know what it means: A release of our final ISland. Wow, I wish I had thought about that, but I did it! Yay for me.

Downloads: Once downloaded, in the area where you have downloaded, click on the shortcut sign. Make sure that the location says that it is going to wherever you placed it/game. It automatically comes up with C:/Port_Royal/game, so make sure it is pointing in the right direction!

To download, click here!


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