This is a Savvy Saturday Update. Developers release them every Saturday, and this is the one for 12/14/2013.

Ahoy mates! What do you think is the difference between last Savvy Saturday and this Savvy Saturday? Give up? I'll tell you! Today I am here to release the savvy update and no, it's not another island! ;)

What TheGleamings has planned for us and offered me to do on this fine Savvy Saturday is something very jolly + a jones. I think you may know who they are. It is someone from POTCO who casts curses and someone not from POTCO but was seen in an official trailer. Someone on the left with the skull of a face. Someone on the right with tentacles and one peg-leg. It is Jolly Roger and Davy Jones! (Sorry that Davy Jones' face is blacked out).

Panda 011

Aye, they have return to be the main villains of Pirates Online Rewritten or at least we know what Jolly Roger is planning on doing with his bare hands. For Davy Jones, I think he may order his nasty beast known as the Kraken to work at the high seas and take down Pirate ships. Well whatever these two scoundrels are up to, they will be no good to mess with in Pirates Online Rewritten. Unlike Davy Jones, you Pirates know what to do to stop Jolly Roger. Do the same thing you did in POTCO to stop him!

Not only that, hopefully we can find a way to protect Jack Sparrow from Jolly Roger and maybe Davy Jones. Davy Jones may not go for Jack Sparrow because they didn't really do anything to each other (besides the Movies). However, Jolly Roger was mad he lost in a "friendly" poker with Jack Sparrow and shot the Witch Doctor. With his dying breath, the Witch Doctor cursed Jolly Roger to walk the earth as the undead and Jolly Roger will get revenge from Jack Sparrow by finding out where he is and then start a battle.

This may cause a major War to happen in Pirates Online Rewritten. But fear not! We are a team of skilled-Pirates alongside with Jack Sparrow and will do anything to stop Jolly Roger and Davy Jones!

Relive the legend, mates!

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