CONGRATS TO OUR WINNER, Beautiful Blonde!

Hello everyone! I saw that one of the admins and other users created their own special activities like contests, riddles, search stuffs, or something from in-game. To me, it looks like fun! Today, I have made up a scramble worded contest and hope you guys enjoy it! We will begin with the following rules:

Rule 1) This contest is going to have 6 hard scramble words. Provide your answers in the comments section, and I will be watching the comments as you submit. If you have a comment written down with the CORRECT answers, I will reply to your message with your prize.

Rule 2) Once someone has recently listed the correct answers for all the scramble words, I will edit this blog with the winner announced and the answers. There may also be runner-ups that wins the contest with the previous winner for trying, or being the second person to get the answers right.

Rule 3) Please do not be frustrated when this can be difficult but it can still be a fun time. If it's too hard for you, don't post comments saying ~ Make the words easier. Not hard ones. ~ or don't do the contest at all. But there is something you could do, and that is cheering for a friend to win. 

Rule 4) Treat the person that wins the way you want to be treated. Foul language of any kind is not needed. Keep the words clean! 

Now here are the words:

Scramble Words:

1) naenvrneegeqnue

2) mdthcunahteyfngli   

3) lkbcalraepe

4) pcanitwosrrapkjca

5) jdvyaneos

6) lbkredacab


1) Queen Anne's Revenge

2) The Flying Dutchman

3) The Black Pearl

4) Captain Jack Sparrow

5) Davy Jones

6) Blackbeard

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