SvS Badge Issues

Ok so to start out Yes I do know that you lose your infamy badge points if you havne't entered into either PvP or SvS battle in a while but that's not what's happening to me. Here's what's going on...So I just finally got Admiral of SvS last week 3-7-12(yes ik but SvS isn't my favor thing to do so I slacked alot) so I've had it all of 5 days and lost it twice! First time the following day not even having it 24 hours of having it, when I spent a good 3 hours getting the rest of my points to finally get it and the second time was today. I keep getting sent back to Vice Admiral its very annoying I've haven't lost very many points just they drop me in rank I seriously don't get it. I'm War Master in PvP and up until last week Ive been on vacation from pirates and before that it's been months since Ive even been in a PvP and my PvP hasn't dropped nothing but yet my SvS keep going down... I don't understand it on top of that it seems to happen just as I'm going in to Tormenta Caverns. Also it says 0/0 points to how am I losing them in the first place. Is this a glitch or do I just have to SvS everyday to keep my rank? Is this or has this happened to anyone? If so what you do to get it fixed??? Thanks for any knowledge that can help my situation.

~Shadow~~Talk~ 04:50, March 13, 2012 (UTC)

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