Personally i thought it was super easy! I'm very disappointed to be honest i thought it was gonna be a little more work then that! Ive done it 3 times now and each time was super easy! First time it was me and all 50's it was over and like 3 minutes there was about 6 of us. Next time 3 50's and it was over in 5 minutes and the last time 4 of us 2 50's a 38 and 36 and it took us 3-5 minutes. Now I have watched some other ships take it down and some have taken a while as of matter of fact one just took it down now and sunk it in about 3 minutes fast one ive seen yet besides the ones i've been part of. I will say over every the loot u get from the ship is nice got skulls from when we disabled it and 9-12 loot chess from when we sink it and the rest cargo and other bad loot but for the most part extremely good plundering. However in my opinion its just to easy for them to be 50+. Very sad and disappointed. Thoughts, opinons, experience everyone?.....

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