Venom Venom Shot is a gun ammunition skill that allows the pirate to use special venom dipped bullets. The poison continues to cause damage after hitting the victim.

Unlocked at Gun Skill - Level 4. Increasing this skill increases the amount of damage and how long the poison is in effect.

These can be purchased at any gunsmith for 3 gold per 25 bullets. To use Venom Shot, draw your firearm (pistol, repeater, musket, blunderbuss, or bayonet) and press 2 to load Venom.

Venom Shot
Rank Damage Poison
1 44 to 87 10 seconds
2 55 to 109 12 seconds
3 66 to 131 15 seconds
4 77 to 153 17 seconds
5 88 to 175 20 seconds
Only with Vemon Shot Boost
6 91 to 182 15 seconds
7 104 to 207 20 seconds
Rank Experince
Gray 4 (7 w/Take Aim)
Green 20 (23 w/Take Aim)
Yellow 22 (25 w/Take Aim)
Red 24 (27 w/Take Aim)

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