Dagger vipers nest
Viper's Nest
is a Dagger skill that allows the pirate to throw an entire brace of special Throwing Knives at once. They can strike multiple enemies at the same time, and deal quite significant damage to each target.

Once the pirate has this ability, they can purchase additional braces at any blacksmith. Increasing this ability increases the amount of damage.

Rank Damage
1 210 to 420
2 263 to 525
3 315 to 620
4 368 to 735
5 420 to 840
Only with Viper's Nest Boost
6 473 to 945
7 499 to 997
8 525 to 1050
Viper's Nest

To use Viper's Nest, have your dagger drawn and press 5 or click VipersNestSkill. It will take some time for this skill to reset.

Game Note

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