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This is the essential Voodoo instrument. It is a formidable weapon when used against enemies –– undead creatures, the East India Trading Company's Black Guards, and Navy guards. When you use it on
VD 1
your mateys, you can heal them, give them a boost of speed, or free them of curses.

Attuning Your Voodoo Doll

Before you use your Voodoo Doll to attack or heal, the Doll must be attuned to a target. You can do this by holding the Doll over your new target and clicking the left mouse button. A purple vapor will rise from your target once it is attuned, telling you the Doll can now be used.

Game Tip: The Voodoo Doll will lose Attunement on a target if you get too far from them.

Game Tip: You can Attune more than 1 target at a time with the Voodoo Doll if you upgrade the Attune Skill. Attuning multiple friends or enemies allows you to heal or hurt them all at once, but the effect is split between the targets.

The Voodoo Doll can only attune to one victim at a time. If you want to use the Doll on a new target, you must re-attune the Doll to that new target before casting your spell or hex on it. You do this by pressing down on your left mouse button while the Doll is held over your new target.

Attacking with your Voodoo Doll

Once your Voodoo Doll is attuned, choose a hex or spell to cast on your target by clicking on it from the menu choices at the bottom of your screen. You can use the Doll as many times as you want against a single attuned target.

Game Tip: Attuning a Voodoo Doll means you have to get close to your enemy, but once the Doll is attuned, you can back off and attack from relative safety.

Voodoo Doll Skills

Type Skills Description
Attune Combo Attune the Doll to a target in order to cast Spells and Hexes
Poke Combo Poke attack
Swarm Hex Summon insects to attack the enemy
Heal Spell Heals a friendly pirate
Scorch Hex Sets enemies on fire
Grave Shackles Hex Chains from the graves wrap around the enemy
Cure Spell Removes hostile effects from a friendly pirate
Curse Hex Curses your opponent
Life Drain Hex Drain vitality from the victim
Focus Passive Increases your maximum Voodoo amount
Spirit Ward Passive Gives a chance to resist enemy voodoo attacks
Game Tip: The best thing about Voodoo Dolls is that enemies cannot escape many of the hexes (such as Swarm). They can only flee, if they are lucky.

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