Doll focus
Voodoo reflect

Voodoo Reflect is a break attack that grants the user the ability to reverse voodoo attacks BACK to the caster! This ability appears to be normally found on special voodoo dolls, daggers, and Throwing Knives. This skill lasts for up to 10 seconds. When used, a white circle goes around you like when you are attuned by Evil Eye. Although, sometimes if you use it on non-voodoo enemies it will seem to work but really won't do any damage.


Voodoo Dolls

Hex Reflector Doll Hex rebound Hex Guardian Doll - clearer


Dagger of the Sun Idol Dagger of the Moon Idol Dagger of the Hawk Idol
Dagger of the Bear Idol Dagger of the Golden Idol - clearer Dark Idol - clearer

Throwing Knives

Knives of the Sun Idol Halk idol knife Knives of the Golden Idol

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