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The Voodoo Staff is more powerful than the Voodoo Doll, but it can be used only to attack. Because it deals out large amounts of damage, it requires more Voodoo Power to use.

VS 1

Attacking with the Voodoo Staff

Unlike the Voodoo Doll, the Staff does not need to attune to a target. Like the Doll, the Staff works well from a distance. When attacking in a group, your mateys can engage the enemy at close quarters while you keep to the edges casting multiple hexes.

Voodoo Staff Skills

Type Skills Power Time Description
Blast Combat 0 Voodoo Basic ranged voodoo attack - can damage enemies near the target
Soul Flay Hex 30 Voodoo 1 second cast Damages enemies in a line
Pestilence Hex 45 Voodoo 3 second cast A cone shaped cloud of pestilence. Inflicts acid burns on the victims
Wither Hex 60 Voodoo 2 second cast Hits a spherical area around the caster. All victims take damage and sufferlowered attack power.
Flaming Skull Hex 120 Voodoo 4 second cast Summons a flaming skull as the player charges the staff and launches it in aline. Deals strong damage to enemies in the line area.
Banish Hex 210 Voodoo 8 second cast A powerful attack that is only effective against the Undead
Desolation Hex 300 Voodoo 12 second cast A devastating attack that hurts all nearby enemies, including you.
Concentration Passive Increases your Voodoo Power recovery rate
Spirit Lore Passive Increases your casting speed for your Voodoo Staff
Conservation Passive Decreases the amount of Voodoo Power used by the Voodoo Doll and Voodoo Staff
Spirit Mastery Passive Increases damage dealt by the Voodoo Doll and Voodoo Staff

Gypsy Cart

Look for one of these outside of every town. They are your source for all things Voodoo and health tonics, which can come in handy when you want to survive a tough fight. Bring cash. No one gives credit to a Pirate.


If it has a blade, you've come to the right place. Visit a blacksmith to invest in a new dagger or a higher grade of cutlass.


Ready to buy a better pistol or try out more powerful ammo? Visit the gunsmith in the nearest town. You can also buy cannon ammo and grenades here as well.

VS 2
Finding Merchants

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