Every pirate carries a Weapon Belt, which contains selected weapons ready for immediate use. To open, press "I" or open the Sea Chest to find it. Pirates store their purchased or looted weapons in their Sea Chest, but can have up to four weapons in their belt at any time.

Any weapon in the pirate's chest can be added to the belt, simply by selecting with the mouse, then dropping into a belt slot. Each slot is assigned to a key (F1 - F4). To use the desired weapon, simply press that key.

A pirate can have up to 30 weapons and/or sailing items/cannon rams in his weapons belt plus 4 items in the slots and one sailing/cannon item in the fifth slot.

The fifth slot is for a Sailing Boost or Cannon Boost.

A pirate can also dispose of a found weapon any time, by placing it into the Trash Bin at the bottom. The Face Camera button allows a player to see their pirate wielding their weapon, but if you try to attack you will turn around.

Game Note

During PvP, a pirate CAN NOT access their Sea Chest to change weapons. So pick your arsenal before you play!

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