Quest star
When the pirate reaches a notoriety level of 5, they are summoned by Tia Dalma to Cuba and offered the chance to build their own voodoo doll. It's the only other weapon available to pirates without having paid a subscription to Pirates Online .
Name Task Reward
Visit Tia Dalma Visit Tia Dalma. 25 Notoriety Points
Doll Makings Gather the makings of your voodoo doll. none
Recover 3 buckets of pitch from EITC Vipers. 100 Notoriety Points
Recover 3 bales of straw from Navy Bulwarks. 25 Notoriety Points
Blood of Your Enemies Gather the blood of your enemies for the Voodoo Doll. none
Recover 6 blood from Giant Scorpions on Devil's Anvil. 25 Notoriety Points
Recover 10 blood from Swamp Alligators on Cuba. 25 Notoriety Points
Recover 10 blood from Stone Crabs on Devil's Anvil. 25 Notoriety Points
Recover 6 dust from Undead Pirates. 500 Notoriety Points
Recover 10 dust from Undead Bandits. 25 Notoriety Points
500 Notoriety Points. Voodoo Doll

Important Note:- All enemies have to be defeated at specific islands or places.

To obtain better, more powerful voodoo dolls, the pirate will have to increase their voodoo doll skill (Level 5, 10, 15, and 20).

Cloth Doll and Silk Doll can be purchased from any gypsy once the pirate is skilled enough. The more powerful Pirate Doll and Taboo Dolls can be obtained through additional quests.

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