Quest star At notoriety level 30, the pirate receives the staff quest in their journal.

Name Task Reward
Visit Tia Dalma Visit Tia Dalma.

25 Notoriety points

Prove ye Heart

Collect items from 10 Undead Raiders, 16 Undead Gypsies, and 16 Undead Executioners in the Catacombs.

75 Notoriety points (25 each)
Acquire branches Collect 6 Corrupt Stump branches from 6 Corrupt Stumps from El Sudoron. 100 Notoriety points
Acquire Shrunken Heads Collect 5 shrunken heads from 5 Storm Reaper ships.
  • Hint - There is easy access from Padres Del Fuego as well, with several right at port.
100 Notoriety points
Power Up Your Staff Kill 16 Undead Raiders, 16 Navy Dragoons and 16 EITC Assassins. 300 Notoriety points
Power Up Your Staff Kill 20 Dregs, 14 Flotsams and 14 Spineskulls.

300 Notoriety points

Sink Black Harbinger Sink 3 Black Harbinger ships.

500 Notoriety points

Cursed Staff
Screen shot 2011-01-02 at 9.18.56 PM

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