This is an Official Player's Guide from the Pirates Online Website.
All credit goes to Pirates Online. This is merely a resource guide.

If you want to send a message to a single Pirate or D-Name, you can Whisper to them. To Whisper to another Pirate, click Whisper on their Detail Panel. If you are both set to Open Chat, type your message in the chat window and hit Enter to send. If you want to use a SpeedChat phrase, click on the Skull to the left of the keyboard chat interface, then click on the message you want from the SpeedChat drop-down menus. Whispers will show up in italics in the Chat Log. No other Pirates will be able to see these private messages. You can easily reply to another Pirate's Whisper by clicking on one of their Whisper messages.

Game Tip: Clicking the 'X' icon while Whispering will exit Whisper Mode.

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