Stick Pirates
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Shooting is a fairly easy task. All you have to do is take out a gun like a pistol, repeater, musket, bayonet, or blunderbuss and just shoot the target. But, there is a difference between hitting a target and missing it. Some pirates might have spent very low to no skill point on skills such as Sharp Shooter and Eagle Eye. But, you are still able to make accurate shots. Below are some tips for accurate shots.


  • The first step is to get very close to the target.
  • Get close enough to where the scope is locked to your target but is not red in color.
  • It must be close but the scope must stay white for your shot to work.
  • Then, just take aim with your weapon and fire away.
  • Blunderbusses are the hardest firearms to get an accurate shot with.
  • For blunderbusses, get even close to your target then you would normally do for a pistol.
  • If you use these tips but you are still missing, aim for either the left shoulder or the stomach of your target.

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