Stick Pirates
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Tactics For Different Ship Types

  • Light Sloop: Well being that these are the weakest ships in the game they still have one advantage which is they are hard to hit because of their small size but either way you should only attack other light class ships or at the maximum strength a medium class ship. And when you do i would suggest have a gunner and a repairman to help out.
  • Light Galleon: The tactics are pretty much the same as for a light sloop. The only difference is these are a tad bigger and slower so watch out because these ships are easier to hit. But there is a good side to this, the ship holds the most cargo of any light ship in the game. Have about two to four gunners plus a repairman.
  • Light Frigate: Well much like the light galleon this ship is big too but these ships have heavier firepower. And with these you can attack stronger ships. But have two to eight gunners and have some of the gunners repair if needed.
  • Light Brig: These ships are a mixture of all the light ships, they have good armor, firepower, speed, and cargo. So you can use the tactics of any light ship.

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