Stick Pirates
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Will Scurvyrat's Guide to the Queen Anne's Revenge. First and Foremost this is a guide that is based on my opinions and not strictly on fact.

1. Get a war class ship (preferably war sloop) and sail to either Isla Perdida, Isla Cangrejos, or Isla Tormenta and wait. Whatever you do stay at the island you picked and wait until the Queen Anne's Revenge spawns near you.

2. Make sure you have a decent level crew, and remember that the higher level crew that you have, the Higher level Jumbee you will have to face.
Screenshot 2011-05-21 14-37-40

Me and me crew directly after swooping aboard the Queen Anne's Revnege!

3. When the Queen Anne's Revenge is in sight, make sure that you have many high level cannoneers and have them use fury and explosive to severly weaken the QAR.

4. After you are aboard make sure that you have a healer or two to make sure that Sword, Dagger, and Gun users can stay in battle and fight on! (Remember that the Sword of Triton gets a damage bonus against Jumbees)

5. Remember that there are three waves of enemies and in the Last wave there is a Jumbee Boss Named LaSchafe who is around level fifty. (picture below)
Screenshot 2011-05-21 14-40-15

Me and me crew battling the infamous LaSchafe!

6. After defeating the crew you will receive a sailing item and a potion or two that are rare to find anywhere else

7. Go on and Fight Again!

8. After Finishing off the crippled ship then go on and battle her again!

Sword of Triton

The Sword of Triton (A.K.A. Blackbeard's Sword)

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