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This page will now serve as an archive for the content that was in POTCO, and a record of what is/will be in TLOPO.

World Eater - clearer

The World Eater Blade is the most powerful Legendary Cursed Broadsword, and most powerful Sword in the game. This deadly bringer of doom can slaughter large numbers of enemies in a matter of seconds,. It has the Freeze Sweep ability, which freezes all enemies around you, along with the Drain Voodoo ability, leaving enemy voodoo users defenseless. This blade also has the highest rank of the Drain Health ability out of all blades, making it a blade not only for deeming voodoo users useless, but for regaining health back in combat. Like most traditional Cursed Blades, a black shadow follows when this lethal blade is swung. Only a master swordsman can wield this weapon of mass destruction. This blade has the highest attack power of any weapon in the game.

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