Stick Pirates
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In this guide I will be covering the best places to level up, the smartest way to go about leveling up, tips and tricks, and how to go about leveling up in a crew (If you happen to be able to be in a crew and get a bonus.) but don't be discouraged if your leveling alone I will also be showing how to go about that. The way I like to level up is by keeping all my weapons to be around the same level together because I find it works best. (For me at least.) Which will cause me to bring up Weapons in the Notoriety section and Notoriety in the Weapons section so don't be confused if a sentence or two looks out of place.

Leveling Up Notoriety

Leveling up Notorirty means leveling up your pirates level which I will be addressing as Notoriety.


Pirate Master Level 50

To level up Notoriety you have to earn Repuataion or REP. I think that in order to level up Notority it's imporatant to know how much REP you'll need to level up each level. 

Notoriety Level

Reputation Needed

Notoriety Level Reputation Needed Notoriety Level Reputation Needed Notoriety Level Reputation Needed Notoriety Level Reputation Needed
1 300 11 3400 21 11400 31 24900 41 44900
2 450 12 4000 22 12500 32 26600 42 47300
3 600 13 4600 23 13600 33 28400 43 49700
4 800 14 5300 24 14800 34 30200 44 52200
5 1000 15 6000 25 16100 35 32100 45 54800
6 1300 16 6800 26 17400 36 34100 46 57500
7 1600 17 7600 27 18800 37 36100 47 60200
8 2000 18 8500 28 20200 38 38200 48 63000
9 2400 19 9400 29 21700 39 40400 49 65900
10 2900 20 10400 30 23300 40 42600 50 Mastered!

Levels 1-10

From levels 1-10 there really isn't tricks or gimmics just kill enemies that are your level or within 3 levels higher than your level. Great areas for this are Port Royal Governor's Mansion, the yard has level 4 Cadets which are great for new pirates getting to level 3. 

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